Rose engine rosettes

The rosettes below are designed by me from images of rosettes that I have found. The STL files are free to download by clicking on the appropriate image. Each of the rosettes is 150mm in diameter with a 14mm central hole and the phasing holes are 50mm from the centre and 3mm in diameter. These can be printed in PLA on a 3D printer. Should the size of the rosettes be unsuitable for your Rose Engine lathe please contact me and I may be able to modify them to suit your lathe. I can also 3D print these rosettes for you please contact me for availability.

100 tooth
35 tooth
30 tooth

These last 3 rosettes (8W, 10W and 12W) have a very high amplitude and may not be suitable for some lathes.

Click on any of the images to download the STL file for that particular rosette.

I will add more to this page in due course.