Portable Rose Engine modifications

This photo shows some of the modifications that I have made to the portable rose engine lathe I bought recently.

I have moved the electronic controls from above the lathe to beneath it and have separated the two so it is lighter to carry. I have replaced the 240v output socket to one with usb charging facilities so that I can charge my Record Power lathe light that I use with this lathe. I have replaced the cross slide with a Proxxon metric one that I already had and have made the mounting on it for a quick change toolpost. I have a new drilling frame motor which operated at a different voltage and so had to change the power supply and control for this. I have printed some additional rosettes, made some new rubbers and also a locking pin arrangement for the index wheel. I am in the process of having a new universal cutting frame made for it and I have removed the tailstock as it is not necessary for the type of demonstrations I will do with this lathe.

I have a couple more minor modifications to make prior to its first outing next month at my local woodturning club.