Nova DVR lathe remote switch

Some years ago I found the wiring pin layout of the Nova DVR lathe online and unfortunately I can no longer find this. This wiring layout was sufficient for me to make a wired remote start stop switch for the lathe. I have written this page following a discussion on Facebook about wiring a remote switch to the Nova DVR.

I bought a plastic case pre-mounted with start and stop momentary action push buttons from CPC but I have been unable to find what I bought on their current (2022) website.

I also bought a momentary action two way rocker switch with a centre off position from CPC too which I use to raise and lower the lathe speed, this switch is the small lever on the right side of the switch box. Two more momentary actions push buttons could be used instead of the rocker switch. I glued two rare earth magnets to the rear of the plastic case so that the switch box can be mounted anywhere on the lathe bed or tailstock.

A piece of 6 core cable runs from the switch box to a 10 pin 0.1″ pitch connector that piggy backs onto the ribbon cable in the rear of the existing switch panel on the headstock of the lathe. I used a piece of vero board which I soldered a 10 pin male and female connectors onto.

I unplugged the switch ribbon cable from the board inside the switch panel and plugged it into the white connector on the vero board. I then plugged the black connector into the circuit board where I removed the ribbon cable from.

This is the pin out for the connector, I did not use the centre 4 connections details as to what these are shown in the small image below. Note that pin 1 is a common connection to the start button and the speed up/down switch.