Index wheel for Rose Engine

I recently purchased an index wheel for my lathe and my Rose Engine from Simon Hope. I bought just the index wheel rather than the complete kit.

I mounted it on the rose engine and then had to design and make an adjustable arm and locking pin for the index wheel. I made the arm out of plastic on my 3D printer just to prove the concept before milling it out of aluminium. The locking pin I turned on my metal lathe and again used a 3D printed knurled knob to retain it, this will be replaced by a brass one in due course.

Index wheel and locating arm

I also made a small fly cutter to mount in my drilling frame turned from an off cut of steel with one fixed location for a CNC milling cutter which is retained by a grub screw. (The angle of the photo makes it look like the cutter is not parallel to the centre shaft).

Fly cutter

This is the result of my first attempt on a piece of scrap Olive wood (one circle is off due to an error in initial setup of the drilling frame).