Rose Engine

  • Horse Chestnut burr and Blackwood box

    This little box is 9cm tall and 6cm in diameter. The base is a small piece of Horse Chestnut burr and the lid is a piece of Blackwood. The lid has a small red CZ stone in the centre. The inside of the lid is decorated on my Rose Engine and then the pattern filled with Gold embellishing wax and has a white CZ stone in the centre (I will add another photo of the inside of the lid).

  • Satinwood box

    This box is made from a piece of Satinwood given to me recently by a friend to see if it was suitable for ornamental turning. I am pleased with the way that it came out with no tear out using both a drilling frame and a cutting frame. It is 65mm tall and 47mm in diameter and finished with clear lacquer. The top and the inside of the lid are decorated with CZ stones. The other images show a close up of the pattern carved into the top, bottom and the inside of the lid.

  • Small box

    This small box 60mm tall 40mm in diameter was decorated on my Rose Engine lathe. The wood is unknown by me but was quite dense so it took the pattern well. The top has a white CZ inserted in the centre of the pattern. The inside of the lid is also decorated and has a blue CZ stone in the centre of the pattern. It is finished with 3 coats of lacquer. It will be going to a friend in Scotland in payment for a large piece of Oak burr that he gave me recently.

  • Boxwood Box

    An ornamental box made from lightly spalted boxwood. It is 70mm tall and 70mm in diameter. The basket pattern around the outside was made with a 3mm wide cutter. The joint between the lid and base is 3 patterns down from the top. The same 18 bump rosette was used for the lid but the cutter this time was a universal cutting frame rather than the drilling frame for the side. The inside of the lid and the base also have patterns on them. The lid is adorned with a 5mm red cubic zirconia. The box is finished with 3 coats of acrylic gloss lacquer.

  • Purple heart ornamental box 2

    This is my latest ornamental box again made in Purple Heart and finished with gloss lacquer. It is 6 cm high and 4.5cm in diameter. The basket pattern on the side is an experiment with some new cutters, the top three rows are 2mm wide, the next 3 rows are 3mm wide and the last 3 rows are 4mm wide. The lid has a yellow cubic zirconia stone in the centre of the ornamental pattern. there is another ornamental pattern carved on the underside of the lid.

  • Purple Heart ornamental box

    This small (5cm diameter 6.5cm tall) Purple Heart box was turned and then decorated on my Rose Engine. The Basket weave pattern is 2mm wide, both the top and the underside of the lid are decorated with different patterns. A CZ stone is in the centre of the top and it is finished with 2 coats of spray lacquer.

  • Laser engraving

    I have recently built a Rose Engine lathe as detailed in this page and one of the options that I built into it was the ability to use the laser engraving attachment from my 3D printer. I mounted the laser on the bracket that normally holds the Dremel cutter with the magnets that come with the laser attachment.

    Laser mount

    I cut a small piece of end grain Sycamore and mounted this on the rose engine. Using one of the rosettes I burnt this pattern into the wood. The centre flower is burnt with the laser one side of centre along with the next outer shape. The outer two shapes were burnt using the laser the other side of centre.

    Burnt pattern
    Burnt pattern